The emergence of Bing Chat as a result of collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI really shook Google so that they finally tried to compete by presenting Bard.

But unfortunately a little error Bard caused Google’s value to fall and now they don’t seem ready to introduce it widely to the public, even though it was previously reported that trials of the Bard had been granted for Google Pixel usersuntil now there has been no further detail regarding this matter.

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Regarding this, recently there was interesting news, because Mikhail Parakhin, head of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft answered a question on Twitter about how low Bard’s performance is compared to Bing AI.

In Mikhail Parakhin’s view, Google is “quite far behind” when compared to Bing Chat. Although he did say that Google is pretty impressive considering how much they can achieve with the low amount of computing they have.

"They are pretty far behind, but it is impressive how much they were able to achieve given the low amount of compute they had and the fact that in core ML algorithms they are trailing the SOTA by, maybe, 6 months. Being "little folks", we learned to never underestimate Google." ungkap Parakhin.

But of course Parakhin also said that they learned not to underestimate Google, because things could turn upside down and Bard is actually better than Bing Chat right now.

This is of course because Google itself is still on top of the throne as a search engine giant, and that throne may never shift, and with the presence of Bard, it is likely that their technology will become even more developed.

Now the question is whether Bard will be able to compete and beat the current popularity of Bing Chat? I myself am quite curious about this considering that it has been quite a long time since Google has returned to developing Bard after a small error that occurred in the previous announcement.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Mikhail Parakhin (Twitter)


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