Well this interesting news is Forecast Watch a company forecast monitoring and assessment turns out to have given Microsoft Weather the title as the most accurate weather forecasting application and service in the world.

According to ForecastWatch, based on data from an independent study that evaluated 25 forecast providers and concluded that the data provided by Microsoft achieved the highest ratings providing general forecasts and more specific data, such as high/low temperatures and wind speed.

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In addition to general weather forecasts, Weather in Microsoft Start even provides additional information, such as suggestions, warnings, air quality indexes, and other important data that users may need to plan their activities throughout the day.

And besides Microsoft Weather being available as an application, this service is also available in various other Microsoft services, such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Start, News & interest, Widget and others, making this application very easy for users to access.

If you are curious, you can read a report about this in detail from a PDF file following.

So, what do you think about this, guys? do you agree with this claim from ForecastWatch? comment below.

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