A few days ago it was reported that Task Manager Not Showing Startup Apps in Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.891where this bug itself has been confirmed by Microsoft via the page release note updates KB5020040 released for Windows 11 Insider Beta users.

Then a few days passed, has the bug been fixed? OK, let’s discuss it guys, because I happened to find this bug myself.

For UWP applications or applications that you can download and install via the Microsoft Store, all lists of applications running at startup are back on the page startup items in the Task Manager, just like in the following image.

Now, it seems that this improvement itself was presented by Microsoft automatically through their KIR or Known Issues Rollback method, but friends, there is one drawback, because unfortunately the Win32 application is still not present in that section.

Now some of the applications that should run at Startup on my device include Steam and PicPick which I always configure to continue running at Startup, but these two applications do not appear in the list startup items in Task Manager.

In fact, from the Windows configuration that I saw via Autoruns for Windows, which you can download on the Microsoft page followingthe two applications appear as usual and normally without any problems.

So, the conclusion, Although a fix has been brought by Microsoft via its KIR / Known Issues Rollback method, the issue still persists specifically affecting Win32 applications. Hopefully in a future update this problem can be fixed soon.

So, are you still having the same problem? comment below guys.


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