Far Cry, I still remember how I used to finish the Far Cry 2 game which was quite exciting and thankfully it can run on the old Acer laptop that I used to use. Now regarding Far Cry, recently there is interesting news, because it’s been reported source code from Far Cry 1 has leaked onto the Internet.

According to the information circulating, source code from games This FPS, which was released in 2004, was leaked on Friday night at archive.org and since then, source code started uploading to other sites, including GitHub which you can access on the page following.

Reported from Eurogamersaccording to several users who have downloaded it source code this leak, in which there is some missing content, including gaming assets from Far Cry 1. But according TechRadarthere are other users who apparently can compile and even run games with a little modification and additional work, where with source code In this, users can get copies of the actual full games.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has not given an official statement regarding this leak, and until the time this article was written, unfortunately it is not clear who uploaded it. source code This.

Far Cry 1 itself may not currently attract the attention of gamers, but in the early 2000s, this game became one of the most interesting FPS games for users to play. Have you ever played Far Cry? comment below guys and which Far Cry do you like the most?

via: Eurogamers, TechRadar


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