Perhaps many users have not realized that in recent weeks voice input for experience voice typing does not work properly, when users try this feature, Windows 11 will display an error message “Something went wrong” and prevent users from typing text using their voice.

“When using Windows key + h to open voice typing, you might receive an error.” Write Microsoft on its official page.

Well because there are quite a lot of reported users on the Feedback hub, Microsoft acted pretty quickly, because it’s on the page Windows Health Dashboard Unfortunately, Microsoft has finally fixed this problem via their server side.

So for now, you can use this feature without any problems.

Regarding this Voice Input, for those who don’t know, you can use this feature in Windows 11 by pressing the combination keyboard key (Win + H), and of course this Voice input only supports English, so it’s still not popular among Windows 11 users in Indonesia. .

So what do you think about this feature? have you ever tried it?

Via : Microsoft


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