For you Microsoft Edge 109 users who might be actively doing printing directly from the browser, you may find that process printing it’s an error and can’t run, now this can happen maybe it’s caused by this problem.

Reported from Borncity this problem could be caused by printers which the user names with special characters, for example Ü as in the following image.

If you set the printer with special characters, it’s possible that the printing process won’t run, whereby the user has to change the printer name if you want to print directly from Microsoft Edge Chromium.

But friends, strangely, it was reported that this problem only occurs in Microsoft Edge Chromium 109, whereas other Chromium browser families such as Google Chrome do not have this problem, and even with printers with names using special characters, the printing process can run normally.

So, with that in mind, make sure you check this out, if in fact the printing process on Microsoft Edge fails, at least until there is confirmation and improvement from Microsoft.

Did you encounter this problem? comment below guys.

via: Borncity

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