Ventoy has become one of my favorite applications on Windows, because with this application, we can create one fruit flash drive be multiple bootable usb by simply copying the ISO file of the operating system that we will install only.

Regarding this application, a new version 1.0.81 has been released through its GitHub page, where there are quite a number of improvements presented, one of which is adding support for easyOS easy-4.4.2-amd64.img.

Well here is the complete changelog of this OS.

  1. Show asterisks ('*') when typing password (PR #1868)
  2. Disable Fn hotkey during secondary boot menu.
  3. Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 does not work with Batocera 35 (#1878)
  4. Fix the issue that rockcluster, part of config missing during install. (#1900)
  5. Fix VentoyPlugson issue when ISO partition has a drive label with a space. (#1901)
  6. Add support for easyOS easy-4.4.2-amd64.img. (#1926)
  7. VentoyPlugson: Add json preview feature.
  8. VentoyPlugson: Add reset button.
  9. VentoyPlugson: Add configuration active identifier for each tab.
  10. Add _VTNORMAL identifier.
  11. languages.json update

Now, let’s go, for those of you who want to make a bootable usb that has multiple OS at once, you really have to try this Ventoy, and if you’re interested, you can just download it from the GitHub page. following.


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