After a long period of testing the VPN feature in Microsoft Edge Chromium, Microsoft will initially deliver bandwidth of 15 GB for Microsoft Edge Chromium users, it’s just that it seems too much bandwidth for users to use.

Regarding this, recently reported by a Reddit user Leopeva64-2Microsoft is again testing the amount of bandwidth in the VPN feature on Microsoft Edge Canary, where now the amount is reduced to only 5 Gb.

"Secure Network is a built-in VPN that can help secure your network connection from online hackers, protect against online trackers and keep your location private. You'll get 5GB of free Secure Network data each month when you sign in to Edge with your Microsoft Account." Deskripsi Edge Secure Network. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft clarified that Edge Secure Network (Edge VPN) is not intended for use with streaming services, wherein the browser will automatically redirect streaming and video content outside of the secure network to ensure users’ bandwidth limits don’t run out quickly.

And because of that, 5GB of free bandwidth should be sufficient for daily browsing that does require a secure network.

Then what if the user wants to force use Edge Secure Network to stream video? Unfortunately, later the user will be redirected to a normal network and even if connected, the bandwidth limit of 5 GB is very less if you want to watch a video with a long duration and high resolution.

What do you think? Comment below guys, did you like the previous 15GB, or the current 5GB?

Via: Leopeva64-2 (Reddit)


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