Like stocks and other instruments, cryptocurrencies must be traded through crypto trading locations (crypto exchanges). The difference is that there is only one stock exchange in Indonesia. It is the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), while the crypto exchange has several exchanges that are held by private companies.

Choosing a good crypto exchange application is essential for any crypto trader because each application has its own pros and cons. Here are 6 best crypto exchanges in Indonesia.

The first exchange application was the Pintu application from PT Anywhere. Pintu is currently downloaded by more than 4.85 million people on both the Google Play Store and App Store and is legally authorized by BAPPEBTI.

This is not without reason. The Pintu application provides crypto trading services for 50 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. Although as of this writing, Pintu does not offer buy and sell NFT services, but the app. This app can now be used for crypto staking (similar to bank deposits). Additionally, this application is designed to be easy to understand and suitable for beginner crypto traders.

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You can start trading crypto at Pintu with a deposit of just 10 USD (150,000 Rp) with a withdrawal fee of Rp4,500 as this is a local application. So you can deposit or withdraw in fiat currency (rupiah) or use IDRT tokens.

The second best crypto exchange platform in Indonesia is Tokocrypto. The application which was launched in 2018 now has a license from BAPPEBTI with certificate number. 001/BAPPEBTI/CP-AK/11/2019 Not only that, Tokocrypto ranks 63rd on the Coin Market Cap Rank with more than $30 million in daily transaction volume and over 2 million users.

This is because Tokocrypto offers a wide range of crypto assets trading, namely:

  • 529 coins and crypto tokens ready to trade
  • Providing NFT trading services
  • can use stab
  • There is a Launchpad feature for those looking to buy new crypto Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

Besides that, the Tokocrypto application is designed very simply. to make it suitable for new traders Withdrawal fees at Tokocrypto are also quite cheap, at just IDR 5,500 per transaction, and these funds can go directly to your bank account or the crypto wallet you use.

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The next crypto exchange platform is Luno. The platform was created by a London-based company in 2013. The company is known as the Digital Currency Group. The Digital Currency Group currently operates in more than 30 countries around the world using 130 subsidiaries, including PT. Luno Indonesia LTD

even from abroad But this platform is approved by BAPPEBTI with a legitimate number. 007/BAPPEBTI/CP-AK/03/2020 Luno currently offers trading in 25 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. The app can also be used for gambling.

Because it operates in many countries This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide. and has a daily transaction value of $25,565,107, although the number of crypto assets traded is not very large.

for the fee The withdrawal fee at Luno is fixed at just IDR 6,500, while the transaction fee is 0.08-0.1%.

In fourth place is Indodax, according to data from the coin’s market cap. The platform’s daily transactions amounted to more than $22,01,905 and became one of the largest crypto exchanges from Indonesia with transaction volume.

Indodax currently offers trading over 75 crypto currency pairs and has over 2 million users across Indonesia. You don’t need to worry about the legality of this application. Because the Indodax application and website are registered with BAPPEBTI with a registration number. 002/BAPPEBTI/CP-AK/01/2020 already

As for fees, the Indodax application will apply a fluctuating withdrawal fee of 0.5% and a 0.3% transaction fee according to the company’s website. For withdrawal fees below Rs.100,000,000, users will be charged a maximum of Rs.12,500.

It is important for you to know that Indodax Pros and Cons.

Another officially operated crypto exchange in Indonesia besides Luno is Upbit. Upbit is a crypto exchange app published by Dunamu, a crypto company based in South Korea. in indonesia The company was established under the name PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia and is licensed by CoFTRA with number 002/BAPPEBTI/CP-AK/12/2019.

Currently, Upbit Global application has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users on Google Play Store. However, using this application you can trade more than 150 crypto assets across 220 markets and coin market cap. The number of daily transactions using this platform reaches $5,129,068,425

Upbit has a withdrawal fee of IDR 25,000, transaction fee (recipient) 0.25% and 0% on manufacturer transaction fee.

The 6th crypto exchange is my account platform. The application launched by this crypto broker is now downloaded by more than 100,000 users on the Google Play Store and the company claims to have a user base of more than 500,000.

Holds a license from BAPPEBTi with number 008/BAPPEBTI/CP-AK/2020. My account has about 40 crypto pairs and daily trading volume is up to $20,046,330.

The platform offers crypto transactions with a purchase fee of 0.12% including VAT. 0.2% sales fee including PPh, minimum deposit of just IDR 30,000 and free withdrawal fees. not only that Withdrawals and deposits from and to the Accountku platform can be made through bank transfers, virtual accounts and various digital wallet applications.

Those are the 6 best crypto trading locations in Indonesia. So far, most of these trading platforms only offer transactions using spot method. Therefore, it is not possible for some trading styles such as short selling or margin. Moreover, this platform is legally obtained by BAPPEBTI, so it can operate. Getting official in Indonesia


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