Getting a loan is made easier with the presence of a financial technology (fintech) company. Urgent financial needs can be quickly addressed without the hassle through online lending technology. Buying or sourcing loose items can also help payers. Both services are operated by the Maucash platform.

As a fintech company, Maucash facilitates highly promising, secure online lending services.

Here’s a review of Maucash based on the trials we’ve done.

What is Maucash?

Maucash is an online credit and payment platform of PT Astra Welab Digital Arta (AWDA). AWDA itself is a joint venture between PT Sedaya Multi Investama (a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk) and WeLab (a Hong Kong-based P2P lending company). in April 2018

Maucash has a legal status as it operates officially in Indonesia. and was registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) No. KEP-84/D.05/2019 on September 30, 2019.

As of February 2022, Maucash has disbursed Indonesian Rupiah 2.9 Trillion in loans since inception. Throughout 2022 alone, it has active loans of Rp 214 billion. The number of individuals and institutions benefiting from Maucash reaches 978,000.

The Maucash app leverages big data and machine learning to deliver fast credit scores and loan approvals. This is a competitive advantage compared to other online loan and payer services.

Products, ceilings and tenors Maucash

Maucash has two main products, Dana Tunai and Mau Paylater. Here are descriptions for each of these products.

1. Cash Fund

Cash Fund is an online loan product from Maucash. The stipulated limit is up to IDR 15 million with a maximum maturity of 12 months.

There are several Cash Fund derivatives that vary in height and age, namely:

  • hurry up: It is a one-time cash loan product. The amount of credit available is Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 3.5 million, one payment at a time with a maximum duration of 61 days. Service charge is from 0% per day.
  • Mauringan: It is a cash loan that is paid in installments. Sendable ceilings start from Rp. 1.5 million to Rp. 10 million, optional up to 12 months, with a service fee of 2.2% per month.
  • Mauringan Extra Jumbo: Technically almost the same as Mauringan, the difference is in the amount of the loan that can be obtained, which is Rp 10 million to Rp 15 million, up to 18 months old with fees starting at 3.75% per month.
Limit information can be viewed in the application.

The cash fund service from Maucash is worth considering. Because there is a wide selection of ages, ceilings and competitive interest rates. The best online loan products rival.

2. Need Paylater

As the name suggests, Mau Paylater is a paylater that can be paired with Astrapay digital wallet. You can choose to pay in 3 ways:

  • one time payment: This payment option requires you to pay your paylate bill in a single payment. The guaranteed nominal loan amount is IDR 15,000 to IDR 3.5 million. You get a payment term of up to 61 days and a service charge from 0.073% per day.
  • Installment Payment Required Paylater: The loan stated for this payment option is IDR 500,000 to IDR 12.5 million. You can repay this credit in 12 months with a fee starting at 2.2% per month.
  • Installment Required Xtra Jumbo Paylater: Requires Paylater Xtra Jumbo. Installments can be made up to 18 months. Loan stated is IDR 10 million to IDR 15 million. Fee for this option is 4% per month.

If you refund cash or late payment The customer will be fined 0.8% per day of all outstanding loans.

The Paylater service from Maucash is not well known. Another biggest paylater app.But it has a high ceiling and low interest for users to consider.

How to register for Maucash

The advantage of fintech is that the loan requirements are not stretched. just a short document A few cards taken with a camera would suffice. You can then apply for a loan.

To register for Maucash, make sure you download the app and meet the requirements.

Requirements to become a Maucash customer are:

  • Indonesian citizens (WNI.
  • Age 21-65 years (production age) or at least 18 years of age for married persons.
  • domiciled in Indonesia
  • Have a valid ID card (e-KTP)
  • Have an active email
  • have a stable income
personal information form for registration
Maucash registration process by filling in personal information
Procedure for uploading your ID card to create an account
You must also show a photo of your ID.

In general, the above requirements are sufficient to apply for a loan. but under certain conditions Sometimes other documents are required as additional requirements. Usually the only other document requested is the salary slip. (For Employees) or SIUP (For Entrepreneurs). It can also be added to your cash flow account for the past 3 months.

How to Borrow Cash at Maucash

Applying for a cash loan can be done in the Maucash application, available at toy store and the App Store. Follow these steps as your guide in the outline.

  • Download the Maucash app and install it on your smartphone.
  • On the first page of the application there is a small credit limit that you can apply for. Click Apply Limit, then click Get Started.
  • Enter your mobile number to receive an OTP code, enter the OTP code in the application, then click Next.
  • Read and accept Maucash’s terms and conditions, then press continue.
  • The Maucash app will ask you to take a photo of your ID, press Start Photo ID, then take a photo of your ID with the rear camera connected to this app.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your personal information. Fill out correctly and completely from name, contact number, address, marital status to the reason for applying for the loan. Click Save.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter personal information as indicated on your identification. Make sure the information you enter matches the information printed on your ID card. to reduce the risk of system rejection
  • Next is the job information. Fill out your job information honestly and completely. from the name and address of the office salary amount working period until payday
  • All you need to fill out is your emergency contact. Usually listed here are your spouse, parent or sibling to ensure that Maucash can contact you in the event that you are unable to contact yourself.
  • Press Continue to start taking a selfie as a face check. If the pre-check is successful You will be taken to the next step.
  • Finally, a notification that your application is being submitted. Click Close to confirm the loan application.

At this point, you have successfully applied for a loan. However, the limit (cap) and age cannot be selected yet, as Maucash machine learning still processes your credit assessment. You can check your application status through the application. If a completed submission has a green tick You can choose the limit and loan tenure.

After determining the amount and duration of your credit, Maucash will check you by phone. The maximum time for verification is 24 hours from the time the credit is approved, after which the loan will be credited to your account.

How to use Paylater in Maucash

To enjoy Maucash paylater products, you must first install and use Astrapay e-wallet. The Mau Paylater menu is available in Astrapay as a payment method.

How to get Mau Paylater limit through Astrapay digital wallet

  • Download and install the Astrapay application on your smartphone.
  • To use the paylater service, you will need to upgrade your account from Classic to a preferred membership.
  • After becoming a desired member, the Paylater button will be automatically activated on the app homepage.
  • Click Register for Paylater, enter your mobile number and press OK.
  • fill in your personal information Most of the information requested is similar to applying for an online loan in Maucash.
  • After filling out your personal information Click Done to apply for the Paylater limit.
  • Wait 1×24 hours until the Mau Paylat limit request is approved.
  • If approved, you can instantly use Mau Paylater as a payment method on Astrapay e-wallet.

The advantages of Maucash

1. Easy and fast

The process of applying for a loan at Maucash is simple, fast and hassle-free. Most only require a photo ID and face verification. Rarely need other documents such as salary slips.

2. Using Machine Learning to Score Credit

Maucash uses machine learning to automatically assess your credit. This makes the credit scoring process faster and you can apply for a credit line and loan tenure right away.

3. Chances of approval are quite high.

As long as your credit performance is good It is likely that your loan application will be approved. The initial limit may not be too high. But if you maintain good payment performance Your limit may increase.

Missing Maucash

1. Massive admin fees and interest

Maucash’s loan interest is quite high, 0.4% per day or 12% per month. This is the maximum interest amount allowed by OJK and the Fintech Association. Of course, that number is still inferior. Low interest online loan service which generally provides interest at less than 2% per month

2. Instant loan approval

If you are in an emergency and need same-day funding, Maucash may not accommodate this. As the verification required for credit disbursement takes an average of 1 business day, if your application is approved today The fastest money will be credited to your account the next day.

3. Paylater can only be used in certain e-wallets.

As it is under the same parent company, Mau Paylater can only be used with Astrapay e-wallet. So, if you are not using this digital wallet made by Astra, then what you can automatically enjoy from Maucash is its cash product.

So our short review of Maucash’s online credit and payment platform might come in handy.


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