Last year 2021, that was an important moment for the world windows where Microsoft that year began to introduce Windows 11, the latest operating system that has a number of controversies in it.

One of the things that became controversial for users at that time was system requirements specifically for users who want to update Windows 10 to Windows 11, where at least the user already has TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, and type processor new at least Intel Gen 8 or AMD ryzen 3000 or later.

Although in the end the user can do bypass in various ways, but still users have to do some tricks to upgrade to a newer version.

Then, after the arrival of Windows 11, what about the fate of Windows 10, the OS that was first released in 2015?, the OS that was originally planned by Microsoft as the last version of Windows?.

As we already know, Windows 10 gets major updates on Windows 10 version 2004 in 2020 ago, where that version is an update from version 1909. In addition, since version 2004, Microsoft has started to continue development of the 2004 version, where it became 20H2, 21H1, 21H2 and now 22H2, in outline big, there are no more spectacular new features presented in Windows 10.

Yep, used to be every year Windows 10 got twice major updatecall it like version 1703 and 1709, where several new features have been introduced, such as task view, clipboard history in version 1809, and some other cool features slowly coming to each major update Windows 10.

However, since the arrival of Windows 11, now it looks like Microsoft is like a stepchild of Windows 10, starting from there are almost no new features in it, even before that there were two major updates every year, now there is only one update per year and even then only the development of the previous version. .

For the future, Windows 10 is still a mystery, whether there will be interesting developments in this OS, or only contains improvements and fixes from the previous version.

Lethal injection in 2025

In accordance with the lifecycle Windows 10, this version will continue to be supported by Microsoft until October 14, 2025, after which only Windows 10 LTSC 2019 users will receive the update at least until 2029.

After that, for the Pro and Home versions, 2025 is the time when that’s the last version of Windows 10 that the general user can get, it’s still unclear whether there will be extended support like Windows 7 or not in this version.

Windows 11 and Future OS Development

As has been reported previouslyMicrosoft will release a new OS version every three years, this development is an old method like the era of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 ago, where every three years there will be a new OS introduced by Microsoft.

Windows 11 Preinstalled With New Device

Amount manufacture now selling Windows 11 Home and Office 2021 devices preinstalled, For example, HP sells new laptops in ready-to-use conditions, with Windows 11 pre-installed in it, of course, users inevitably have to be ready to use the new Windows version, even if they are used to and in love with Windows 10.

Now it is quite rare for new devices to preinstalled Windows 10, almost everything preinstalled Windows 11, and it certainly started a major transition of the Windows operating system to a new, more modern version.

With these few points, it can be concluded that Windows 10 is indeed starting to be abandoned by Microsoft, even if there is one cumulative updates monthly and maybe major update every year, it won’t be as cool and hot as it used to be when Microsoft was still focusing on Windows 10 as a the last Windows OS they.

But, maybe there will be a surprise by Microsoft, such as adding a new feature that changes the appearance of Windows 10, or there is a cool new feature coming to this OS, but of course this is not certain and may just be my imagination.

So what do you think about the fate of Windows 10? Comment below guys, and please give your opinion about this.


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