WSA or Windows Subsystem for Android is an important part that also becomes one highlights of the main features in Windows 11, where with WSA, users can run various Android applications on the Windows 11 system without the help of additional Emulators.

Now regarding WSA, did you know that there is actually a project called WSAPatch in GitHub which can bring WSA to run on Windows 10 tablets, and based on the related GitHub page, WSA version 2210.40000.7.0 successfully runs on Windows 10 22H2 10.0.19045.2311 and WSA version 2211.40000.10.0 runs on Windows 10 Build 10.0.19045.2364.

Well above is screenshots which the WSAPatch developer shared, where it appears that the Magisk application is successfully running on Windows 10 via the Windows Subsystem for Android.

If you dare to try and want to dig deeper, you can learn the WSAPatch project this via a GitHub page followingwhere of course you have to modify a number of files in Windows 10 so that WSA can run, because basically WSA itself is not intended for this OS.

You can see all the steps and instructions on the page followingand if you are lucky and successful using this WSAPatch, then your Windows 10 might be able to run Android applications properly.

What do you think about this Project? are you interested in trying it? comment below guys.

via: GitHub


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