Making products with thin bezels is now Apple’s motivation. Even according to the latest news, Apple wants to eliminate the bezel and notch on the MacBook. As thin as they can.

The removal of the notch and bezel on the new generation 14-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros is claimed to be able to provide an immersive and realistic visual experience for users.

Apple has now reduced the bezel thickness significantly on the new MacBook Pro. However, this makes the camera area need space. Created Notch similar to the iPhone.

However, this Notch design appears because there are indeed limitations in placing the camera. If Apple has found the best way to be able to put the camera in a thin bezel, then Apple will eliminate the notch in all Apple products.

Apple has also been caught researching technologies and techniques for removing bezels on MacBook Pros. This information was obtained from a patent that shows that Apple is looking for ways to eliminate the notch and bezel on the MacBook.

Interesting. What do you think the MacBook will look like without the Notch?

via Apple Insiders


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