A new feature seems to be back on social media Instagram, because according to the latest report from Adam Mosseri, it is said that Mark Zuckerberg will launch the ability reply with using GIFs.

This capability is similar to the features on the Facebook App, where users can select available GIFs from the Giphy platform, which of course makes the Instagram comments column more interesting and more colorful.

With this capability, Instagram users will of course be able to interact with each other with moving images (GIFs), and make the comments column more varied.

Apart from that, it is also reported that Instagram will get an increase in the Reels feature, where later there will be a lyric-like feature developed from the auto caption existed.

So when will this feature be presented? Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about this yet, but it is possible that this feature will be presented in the coming weeks or months.

So what do you think? Comment below guys, and give your opinions and opinions?

via: Engadget


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