Forex trading is a challenge for traders. The reason is that although it has the same technical aspects as stocks and other financial instruments, forex is a tool with its own characteristics.

Therefore, even experienced traders need to learn more before or when they enter the world of trading this asset.

Here are some websites and apps to learn forex trading that you can try to learn with this tool:

1. Forex course

Forex course is a free forex trading learning application for beginners. This free mobile application is published by InstaForex, one of the licensed brokers in Cyprus. And now it has more than 500,000 downloads worldwide. The learning modules in this application are divided into 7 themes:

  1. Forex Trading Fundamentals
  2. Risk and Capital Management
  3. Forex technical analysis
  4. Forex Fundamental Analysis
  5. trading psychology
  6. Trade major currency pairs
  7. Platform Training (MT4 and MT5)

Not just in the form of articles. but in this application You can also access lessons. In the form of videos and podcasts, the learnings in this app are also designed for practice. Not just a theory

Download Forex courses in toy store or app store.

2. Forex trading for beginners

The second free forex trading learning application is forex trading for beginners. This application is designed to be able to offer a forex learning experience using fun games and quizzes. Therefore, it is not surprising that more than 1 million users have downloaded forex trading for beginners until now.

By using this application You can access free forex and bitcoin trading games through a virtual trading simulator. Learn the basics of trading Get expert advice various quizzes and advice on how to use the services of the top 10 brokers without funds. You can also invite friends from all over the world to learn and compete forex together.

Download Forex Trading For Beginners at toy store or app store.

3. Forex School

Are you new to the forex market? This single mobile application is for you. However, the content for this application is explained in easy-to-understand language. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners. The content on this platform is divided into 6 modules:

  1. Why forex?
  2. Fundamentals of trading this instrument
  3. trading example
  4. When is the right time to trade forex??
  5. Tips from professional traders
  6. When and where to start trading

The application also comes with various trading quizzes. That can help novice traders review the content that has been studied. including better understanding of learning

Download Forex School in toy store.

4. Forex Trading Schools and Games

Do you want to know about technical and fundamental forex analysis and how to use it without capital? This forex trading learning app is the right learning platform for you.

Within this app you will learn many special topics such as:

• Candlestick Pattern Cheats

• The meaning behind each candlestick.

• Meaning behind each price pattern.

• Important concepts of trading technical analysis.

• 9 factors affecting the movement of currency prices.

• and others.

This free application also includes games or games that you can use to continue your forex trading knowledge.

Download Forex Trading School & Games on toy store or app store.

5. Forex Trading School

Each technical and fundamental indicator has its own advantages and disadvantages. The trader’s job is to try to maximize the advantages while minimizing the risks of disadvantages.

The forex trading school application is one of the forex trading learning apps where learning includes discussion of indicators meaning, analysis, advantages and disadvantages. In this way, you can use The right indicator at the right time

In addition, in this application You will learn some basic principles such as:

  • Trading Fundamentals
  • How to read charts and use them as needed
  • How to Use Support and Resistance Like a Professional Trader
  • How to buy bitcoin and gold during a crisis?
  • What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful traders? And how to bring you into the first group?
  • What are the criteria for good brokers and how to avoid fraudulent brokers?
  • Trading tips from professional traders, including Warren Buffett.
  • simple trading chart

Download Forex Trading School at toy store or app store.

6. Forex Trading Strategy Guide

As the name suggests This forex trading learning app focuses more on learning technical analysis. in this application You will analyze various technical concepts. That is often used not only in the purchase and sale of this tool. But it also includes buying and selling stocks and other instruments. Some of these ideas include:

  • forex trading
  • Fibonacci reversal
  • trend line
  • moving average
  • MACD.
  • candlestick pattern
  • support and resistance
  • Price action and more
  • Forex trading charts

Therefore, this application is not for those who want to learn Forex trading only. but also suitable for those who want to learn technical indicators of trading as a whole.

Download Forex Trading Strategy Guide at toy store.

7. ForexSignal.com

If platform number 1-6 is in the form of an application Indicates that platforms 7 to 10 will be in the form of a website and paid. ForexSignal.com It is one of the world’s leading forex trading educators.

This website offers educational features in various formats. From articles, videos, and more, you can access learning materials from forexsignal.com in full by downloading the application trading room provided by website forexsignal.com and pay a subscription of approximately 47 USD per month with a subscription fee. You will get the following features:

  • 5 Live Streams of Daily Market Updates
  • Professional trading advisor 1on1
  • Strategies that can be learned and applied
  • Trading tools and packages expert advisor.
  • Daily trading ideas and analysis
  • 350 hours of educational videos
  • A trading community that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

used in ForexSignal website.


Do you want to make a career in the world of trading from 0 to experts? So HowToTrade is the right site for you to learn Forex trading techniques from 0 to advanced. The trading materials on this site are compiled by professional traders all over the world. Don’t worry, some educational content. on this site for free Even if you have access to all content But you have to pay a subscription fee.

The subscription fee to access all content varies depending on the type of account you have open: £77 per month, £39 per month, £36 per month.

access in HowToTrade.com.

9. Forex Trading Coach

Forex Trading Coach is a forex trading learning website founded and developed by Andrew Mitchem, a man with 19 years of experience in the world of currency trading and a coach of the instrument for 12 years.

on this website You can access various forex education content in different formats such as: trading book, webinars, videos, etc. Some of the content is free. But for the full version of course you have to pay. One news source stated that The subscription fee for this website is around 3000 USD.

with this fee You can access all 15 comprehensive forex trading videos anywhere, anytime. And have the right to receive daily Forex market updates from the trainers themselves.

access in ForexTradingCoach.com.

10. Asian Forex Advisor (AFM)

Asia Forex Mentor (AFM) is an educational platform for trading Forex and other instruments in general. It was founded by Ezekiel Chew, a professional trader who wanted to share his knowledge with the wider community. on this website You will receive a wide range of educational content in the form of articles and videos directly from Ezekiel for free.

However, prima donna is not free learning. One of the programs Ezekiel offers on this website is the One Core Program. You can learn not only Forex. This $997 pay program includes:

  • The Ezekiel method combines a strategy based on price action patterns. Technical indicators, etc.
  • Ezekiel’s 16 Win Rate Strategy
  • Road to Millions formula that brings not only profits It also turns thousands of traders into full-time traders.
  • Fundamentals and business aspects of trading

access in AsiaForexMentor.com.

Learning forex can be done anywhere and anytime using the internet. You can access free and paid videos, books, articles and even webinars to learn how to trade with this tool. So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn to trade Forex!


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