One of Microsoft’s highlight announcements is Windows Copilot, which is a new feature that will later be integrated into Windows 11 by bringing an AI component in it.

Windows Copilot itself might be likened to an Artificial Intelligence Assistant which is similar to Cortana but more sophisticated with Bing Chat capabilities, where users can interact, ask for suggestions and opinions and much more.

As in the video above, later Windows Copilot will be available on the Taskbar, where when opened, unlike Bing Chat which has to open Edge first, Windows Copilot will open on the right side of the screen, where later users can interact with this cool AI.

This feature itself is intended to help and facilitate users in their daily activities, such as managing time, working with documents and much more, isn’t it cool? Apart from that, this feature might be presented in a major Windows 11 update, or maybe it will be tested more quickly on Windows. Insider Canary, so let’s just wait guys.

And a little of my opinion, in my opinion Windows Copilot will work like Cortana but even better, but if you wish, why not Cortana which was developed with this ability and returned to Windows 11. What do you think about Windows Copilot? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

via: Microsoft

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