Messages containing SPAM in e-mail are indeed not something that we rarely get, even in a day I myself can get more than 10 spam e-mails offering various types of drugs which end up being fraud.

And regarding SPAM, guys, recently Outlook users have been getting a lot of spam which is reportedly caused by a problem spam filters in Microsoft Outlook, regarding this as well, it was first reported by Tom Warren (The Verges), where on the morning of the 20th yesterday, he and apparently also a number of other users got a lot of spam emails that entered their Outlook email.

You can see this problem report on the Microsoft Community page followingwhere this problem is associated with spam filters problem since yesterday.

Now regarding the many reports that came in, fortunately Microsoft acted quickly to overcome this problem, where a few hours ago, Microsoft via its official Twitter account @Outlook announced that this problem had been fixed.

Even so, Microsoft did not explain what caused the sudden appearance of many incoming spam emails since yesterday, nor did it explain the problem spam filters in Microsoft Outlook, but certainly, if you (Outlook.com users) are still having this problem, Microsoft recommends that you contact them via DM on Twitter and hope the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

So, do you have the same problem? Or maybe you’re not an Outlook user? comment below guys.

via: The Verges


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