Early January 2023 we were introduced with a new feature for Microsoft Edge Chromium viz Web Display With Rounded Cornerswhere of course even though this feature is quite unique and makes Microsoft Edge even more impressed by presenting a rounded corner component, many users don’t like it because precisely with this feature the web appearance is actually truncated and less familiar to all websites.

Now the changes themselves are as you can see in the image above, where these changes have been introduced since Microsoft Edge Canary 111, but it turns out that in the Edge stable version 111, this feature was not released and is currently still being tested until Edge Canary 113.

Regarding this feature guys, there is good news, because as reported by Leaker @PhantomOfEarth, it is reported that we can disable this feature directly from the settings page.

For those who don’t know, before we can use experimental flags to disable this feature like the steps you can see below: How to Disable Rounded Corners in Microsoft Edge Dev 111

However, because there may be many users who protest and provide feedback, later the option to set this can be done directly from the Settings page as shown in the following image:

According to @PhantomOfEarth, this change itself is coming to Edge Canary 113.0.1743.0, where you can find this option from page Settings > Appearance > “Use rounded corners for browser windows“.

The presence of this change certainly brings good news for users, because now we can freely whether we want to use these features and changes or not. So what do you think? Do you like it? comment below guys.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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