Deposits and mutual funds are two investment tools that are often recommended for novice investors. Both tools are different products. In the second instrument you can choose to invest in the money market or the equity market while investment deposit only in the money market category

In addition, your funds are fully managed by the bank. and you have to accept it The bank distributes the deposit to the selected debtor. In addition to these differences There are other factors You should consider when choosing a deposit or mutual fund. Here are some of them:

Comparison of Deposits and Mutual Funds

1. Minimum initial deposit

The first comparison is the minimum initial deposit. The minimum initial deposit for Fixed Deposit is IDR 1,000,000 – IDR 10,000,000 depending on your bank and the transaction method you use. In addition, deposits are generally non-rechargeable. therefore not suitable for periodic savings

On the other hand, you can buy mutual funds at various prices ranging from IDR 10,000 per unit to IDR 1,000,000 per unit. Investments in these tools can be easily funded using digital wallets and mobile banking applications. This makes it suitable for periodic savings and dollar cost average.

2. Flexibility

The concept of savings is that the customer keeps a certain amount of money in the bank and he cannot withdraw it until a certain amount of time has passed. Usually this period is up to 1 month, 3 months to 1 year. Only special clients such as corporations or government institutions can access their deposits within 1 week.

If the customer withdraws money outside the specified time he or she will be fined From the author’s experience The fine is around Rs 150,000, but on the plus side, the disbursement of the deposit is relatively quick. for offline You will have to wait at customer service from 30 minutes to 1 hour, while for online deposits can be withdrawn instantly via internet banking or mobile banking.

On the other hand, mutual funds can be withdrawn anytime, anywhere. As long as there is an application and internet connection. The disbursement process is also relatively short. For RDPUs it usually takes 2 business days, while RDO and RDS take 2-7 business days. This advantage makes this tool quite suitable for emergency funds as compared to deposits.

3. Advantage

The next comparison of deposits with mutual funds is in terms of profit. Deposits offer lower returns than mutual funds. So if the mutual fund returns 6% in the same year deposit interest rate will be around 4% -5%. However, the deposit interest rate will remain constant. That is, whether the bank is at a loss or not. Your profit will still be 4%-5%.

It’s different with mutual funds. Returns from mutual funds may be higher than deposits. The owner of this instrument also has the opportunity to receive dividends and coupons from the issuer. However, the level of return of this instrument varies according to market conditions and the issuer’s performance.

4. Taxes and other fees

When withdrawing the deposit on time Clients are normally not charged transaction fees, however, profits on deposits are subject to 20% tax and for offline deposits. Customers are typically charged stamp duty (6,000 or 10,000).

On the other hand, mutual funds have a small cost factor and are not subject to capital gains tax. The cost factor is transaction fees. Bank deposit service fee and interbank transfer fees (If the custodian bank and the bank you use are different)

Currently many Application to buy and sell this tool. which uses a free management fee The custodian bank fee is usually around Rs 3,500, as is the interbank transaction fee. to save these costs. Make sure your custodian bank and your fixed bank are the same company.

5. Risk

One of the undeniable risks of investing in mutual funds is the risk of default. Even if it is managed by an investment manager. But there is still a possibility that the issuer will default. This means that there is a possibility that your investment will not return.

On the other hand, deposits and other bank deposit products are guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), although the claim mechanism still needs to be further published. If the bank goes bankrupt Clients with less than $2 billion in deposits and savings can file a claim with this institution.

How to Choose Between Depositing and Investing in Mutual Funds

1. Set your investment goals.

When choosing an investment tool Make sure you know in advance what the investment will be. In order not to lose, for example, for an emergency fund Of course, mutual funds, especially money market funds, are more suitable. because it can be withdrawn anytime, anywhere Although it takes about 2 business days.

Deposits, on the other hand, tend to be suitable for those who want to invest long-term in a calm manner without thinking of falling share prices and JCI. Disbursement is relatively easy and doesn’t require a two-day wait.

2. Determine investment characteristics

The second method is investment preferences. If you like mindless investment tools Stable income, albeit small and safe. Fixed Deposit is the right investment tool for you. However, if you like a little challenge without the huge penalties and want to earn more from your investment, then you can do it right. Mutual funds are a suitable tool.

3. Capital adjustment

as written above in general The minimum initial deposit for big bank investment products is IDR 1,000,000 – IDR 10,000,000. Of course, not every investor has this much money. especially new investors You can invest in mutual funds to earn money first. After the amount has reached the minimum deposit amount You can deposit money into the bank.

With these various advantages and disadvantages It is therefore not surprising that some investors invest in mutual funds and deposits as well as some form of diversification. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for investors to start their investing career with deposits before entering mutual funds.

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