After quite a while we didn’t get any games free from Epic Games after we previously got MORDHAU and Second Extinction in mid-April 2023, this time there are three game titles that the Epic Games Store is giving away for free, where the three are Against all odds, Horizon chase turbo And Kao the kangaroo.

For games first called Against All Odds. Games This is a game where the player has to go through a number of obstacles. This game itself can be played by users alone or multiplayer with other users online.

Meanwhile, for Horizon Chase Turbo This is an arcade racing game where in this game there are around 33 cars and 100 tracks that users can open. Although if we see from the trailer that the graphics from Horizon Chase Turbo it’s not modern, but for the gameplay itself it’s fun enough to play because there are a number of extreme environmental challenges such as snow, sandstorms and others.

The latter exists Kao the Kangaroowhere in these games you will play as a kangaroo with magic boxing gloves to fight enemies and pass through a number of obstacles.

Now, you can get the three titles above for free, where if we total, all of them cost around Rp. 500,000. To claim a number of the games above, you can just click on the link listed on each game title above.


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