In the latest Google Chrome Canary, it seems that Google has added extra security to the Autofill feature in the Google Chrome browser, which, based on the news circulating, when users try to enter autofill on the form provided, the user will be prompted device password that you have set on your device, either on Windows or any other Operating System.

Now the options for this setting are on the page Chrome Settings > Autofill > Password > use Windows Hello when filling password.

With this capability, of course this will increase the security of the password that the user has, if the device they are using has been used by someone else without the consent of the owner of the device.

And with that, all access with the autofill feature is limited, unless the user has access to the device password, pin, fingerprints and more.

Now, this feature is still limited to Google Chrome Canary users, so maybe there are still some bugs and limitations to this feature, but do you like this feature? comment below guys.

And are you a Google Chrome user? comment below…

Via : Leopa64 (Twitter)


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