As we already know, private mode has indeed become a mandatory feature in browsers, especially on PCs that are used by more than one person. Then have you ever thought that the browser always uses private mode?.

Well in this article, as we also know Microsoft Edge has a private mode called InPrivate. Where when this feature is enabled, Edge will not store browsing history, cookies, and passwords. If you want to always run Microsoft Edge Chromium in InPrivate mode, then you can try using the following trick.

How to Make Microsoft Edge Always Open InPrivate Mode in Windows 11

Step 1. First, open the Properties of Microsoft Edge Chromium in Windows 11, how to hold down the Shift key + Right-click the Microsoft Edge icon on the Taskbar > Select Properties.

Step 2. In the target column, please enter additional value “-inprivate” at the end of the value line, the output should be like this:

"C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftEdgeApplicationmsedge.exe" --profile-directory=Default -inprivate

Step 3. Click Apply and Click OK.

Once done, now every time you open Microsoft Edge Chromium, Microsoft Edge will always open in mode InPrivate and with it Edge will not save your browsing history, cookies, and passwords.

Very suitable for those of you who often open things that are private.

Please try guys, hopefully useful.


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