The PowerToys application is increasingly having a number of powerful features that users can use, and of course some of them do help the users themselves, for example like fancyzone, power rename and so forth.

Now regarding PowerToys, it was recently reported that this application will get two new features that will help us, especially if you often repair the Windows system that you use.

The two features are, the ability to perform backup and restore settings, as well as the ability to edit the Hosts file directly.

Now as in the picture above, users can backup and restore all the settings that the user has set on the system they use, of course this will be very interesting because if any settings change you can immediately restore them from the backup file that you prepared earlier.

Meanwhile, for those of you who usually edit the Hosts file which is located in C > Windows > System32 > Driver > Etc, now you can make edits directly with PowerToys, and of course this will speed up the Edit process.

Very interesting, isn’t it?, well, unfortunately these two features are still in the development stage, but all of them can be released soon without any problems that users will get.

I myself quite like the two new features announced, especially the ability to edit the hosts file, because I quite often enter some custom configurations there.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin


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