As we know, it is still very possible to install Windows 11 on unsupported devices (not in accordance with the minimum requirements of Windows 11), we can use Rufus, or a number of other advanced methods that are quite widely used by users.

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Now about that, in the tests I did on a system that doesn’t have TPM 2.0, when I tried to update Windows 11 Build 22598 to 22621 through Windows Update, it turns out that updating is not possible, because the system will check the device whether our device is in accordance with the minimum requirements of Windows 11 or not at all.

If you happen to be a Windows 11 user who wants to upgrade, either from Windows 11 Sun Valley 1 to Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 (22H2), or to another version, then what should you do?

So to answer this, upgrade with the method in-place upgrade is the best solution that you can try, it’s just that this method also has to use additional special steps, which include:

Step 1. Creating a Bootable USB using Rufus (How To Bypass Windows 11 Installation With Rufus) but the ISO file you are using is the Windows 11 ISO file with the new Build you want to install, say is Build 22621 if you are in my case).

Step 2. After the Bootable USB is successfully created, then we can do in-place upgrade as usual using the Bootable USB.

Regarding this, WinPoin has actually been discussed in a previous article regarding Rufus 3.18 which turns out to present the ability to bypass TPM for In-Place Upgrade Windows 11.

With the solutions and methods above, even if your device is not compatible with minimum requirements Windows 11, you can still use the latest version of Windows 11 by going through the upgrade method from the previous version without having to do a clean install. Of course this method is more complicated when compared to upgrading via Windows Update, but what can you do, Microsoft imposes strict restrictions on Windows 11 system requirements.

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