The Tab feature in File Explorer is indeed very useful, because we can open many folders and directory without having to open multi-window from File Explorer itself, but because it may be too used to behavior it’s been a long time where we opened a lot of File Explorer, the Tab feature in File Explorer may actually be unused and even never used.

If that’s the case, why not just remove it?

Step 1. First, please download it vivetool on the page following.

Step 2. After downloading, please you extract vivetool that you have downloaded and please open Windows Terminal as Administrator and please enter the ViveTool Directory from the Windows Terminal.

Step 3. Next, enter the following commands sequentially:

./vivetool /disable /id:37634385
./vivetool /disable /id:39145991

Step 4. After that, please restart your Windows 11. And when it’s finished, File Explorer now no longer has the Tab feature in it, just like in the following image.

How to Return it

Now if you want to return the feature back, you can do it with the same steps, you just need to change the command in step number 3 to be like this:

./vivetool /enable /id:37634385
./vivetool /enable /id:39145991

Then restart your Windows 11 again, then the feature will appear again as usual and normal without any problems.

So, I tried this step myself and was successful on the Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.891 that I used, but going forward it’s still doubtful whether the same steps can be done or not, so let’s familiarize ourselves with this cool feature.

Reference : GitHub


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