Although there are quite a lot of rumors about changes in the appearance of Windows, including concepts that are widespread on the Internet, most of these concepts turned out to be wrong and only fan made Of course, so we can’t make it a reference regarding the changes that Microsoft will actually present in their latest OS later.

But friends, recently the well-known Windows Central has quite a lot insider at Microsoft shared one of the interesting concepts regarding FileExplorer new file which will change the current File Explorer in Windows 11.

Well, as in the picture above, that is internal mock-ups obtained by Windows Central from Microsoft, where there are a number of changes presented, including directorybox or address bar which is now more unified search box more modern, new home buttonoption new, copy, paste will be moved to section file/folder views under the header, and others.

Additionally, page home will also be updated with more integration with Microsoft 365, along with feeds which will display recommended fileswhich of course as you can see, there will be thumbnails displayed so that it is easier for users to find the right file.

Besides that there are other additions, where panel details previously rumored new will be a part of file explorer recently, where users can view activity, leave comments and more on panel details this new.

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So, when will this change be presented? There is still no official information about it release date these changes, but it is expected that Microsoft will ship file explorer this update in late 2023 to coincide with the release of Windows 11 23H2.

But of course if the development process is completed more quickly, the Insider Dev Channel may soon get this change in the coming months.

What do you think about this change? comment below guys.

via: Windows Central

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