As we already know, Microsoft will make a new OS every three years, which is similar to the period before the era of Windows 10, well, three years after the release of Windows 11, it is reported that Microsoft will release Windows 12 which at this time the details are still quite a bit so that not much information we can get.

Regarding Windows 12, recently reported from Windows Central, there seems to be a recent leak where a screenshot of the Windows 12 Desktop accidentally leaked to the public.

Image via : Windows Central

Even though from screenshots That’s not a lot of information that we can conclude, but it can be seen that the Windows 12 taskbar section will probably apply the display floating in full size without any parts date & time, as well as system trays.

The missing part appears to have been moved to the top of the screen, where the clock and possibly a number of other components will be available there.

Broadly speaking, the appearance of the Windows 12 window will probably be the same as Windows 11, but of course this can change as the OS is developed. But for sure, if we look further, this display is more similar to Mac OS or Desktop Environment Linux such as Gnome or Elementary OS’s Pantheon.

Regarding this leak, it was first reported by FireCubeStudioone of the leakers who quite often provides leaks about new features in Windows 11, where the screenshot was accidentally displayed at the Ignite event yesterday, and maybe this is indeed a prototype of Windows 12, but again, this is still a prototype and could change in the future. the next few years.

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Via : Windows Central


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