BRImo or BRI Mobile is an application that provides online banking services from PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia. mobile banking This enables customers to perform different types of financial transactions. very easy online and real timeBecause you don’t have to come to the bank office during business hours.

Previously, the method of registering BRImo for those who already had an account or did not have it could only be done at a bank office. Because if you have to come directly to the BRI bank office, the time is not flexible. And not all customers are able to allow time during business hours.

So how do you register for BRImo on your mobile phone without going to the bank? Check the conditions and procedures below!

What is BRImo?

BRImo is an application. mobile banking From Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), which makes it easier for customers to access all types of online banking services, the presence of BRImo makes it easier for customers to transact online. real time without having to come to the bank or ATM because it is done via mobile phone or smart phone Just. Even using the app. mobile banking Many advantages at the same time that can be obtained.

The purpose of BRImo is to transfer customers accustomed to conducting transactions via SMS. banking and manual transfers at ATMs or banks, so you can enjoy more flexible banking services. So the registration and activation process is simplified. So that customers do not have to waste time queuing at the bank during business hours. As long as you have a BRI account, the registration process mobile banking not difficult

BRImo Online Registration Requirements

The way to register for BRImo online must meet the requirements listed on Bank Rakyat Indonesia’s official website. As long as you have an ID card and a BRI account, you can register an account. mobile banking The registration process can be done anywhere as long as the internet connection is smooth.

Already have a BRI account but don’t have one? mobile bankinghis? Find BRImo registration conditions on the mobile phone as follows!

  • old code
  • BRI account
  • Mobile number and e-mail used

These are the requirements for online BRImo registration via mobile phone. It’s that simple. right? before registration Make sure you already have a BRI account if you don’t have one. you can do make it online

In addition to the account number Be sure to include your active mobile phone number and email address when registering the account. mobile banking As an OTP will be sent later during the registration process, these two conditions are used to provide useful information. to customers about BRImo

How to register for BRImo on HP Online

How to register for BRImo on HP can be done online. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about coming to the BRI unit during business hours. If you have a BRI account, it is a condition for registering for BRI. mobile banking, Now, make sure that the internet connection is good for the account creation process to run smoothly.

Have you prepared all the requirements including your BRI account number? Here’s how to easily register for BRImo on your mobile phone without going to the bank.

  1. open internet connection Make sure the signal is stable. Download the BRImo app on Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.
  2. If the application is already installed open the application on the start page Select No Account, then select ‘Register for BRImo’, then select ‘Create a BRImo Account’.
  3. Click ‘Allow’ if the BRI application mobile banking Request access to save video, audio and pictures on the device you are using. This is safe because the BRImo application will never collect your sensitive information on your mobile phone.
  4. Then fill in the personal information requested according to the situation and specified in the KTP. Also fill in the NPWP if you have one.
  5. Make video recordings and face verification. Upload KTP photos as well. selfie with ID
  6. after finish send to apply for an account Write down your mobile phone number and email address, then wait for an SMS with an OTP code that will be sent.
  7. OTP code, do not tell anyone! Verify the OTP code on the BRImo application for verification.
  8. do it Username Password and PIN for BRI accounts mobile banking
  9. BRImo account registration is complete, you can now use it to conduct various online financial transactions.

Tips for reviewing information to get approval You need to take pictures and videos in a well-lit place. so as not to look dark when sent In addition, try not to take photos and videos that are blurry or broken for fear that the account submission process will not be approved.

When registering for BRImo online on your mobile phone Do not enable airplane mode so SMS with OTP code can be entered. Make sure the mobile number is active. (not blocked or suspended)

Advantages of using BRImo

The description above describes the conditions and methods for registering for BRImo online without visiting the bank. Now is the time to find out why BRI customers are encouraged to create an account. mobile banking. The answer is because of course. mobile banking, All kinds of transactions are made easier because you don’t have to go to a bank office or ATM.

What are the advantages and why is it important? Here are the benefits of using BRImo that BRI customers need to know to feel the benefits.

1. All transactions are conducted online.

The first advantage of using BRImo is that all transactions are done online. since the transfer Buying credit, paying bills, and even checking your account balance. The customers do not have to waste a lot of time and energy because they only have capital. smart phone and internet connection can now be done

2. Able to withdraw cash without a card

Another benefit of using BRImo is that customers can Withdraw cash without an ATM card This interesting advantage is very convenient for customers as they don’t have to carry their debit card when traveling. to do this Just log into the BRImo application and look for ATM Link to withdraw cash.

The advantage of cardless cash withdrawals is that you reduce the risk of losing your ATM card or forgetting to bring it while traveling. There is also no need to worry about whether this method is safe or not, as BRImo guarantees the safety of customer data when making cash withdrawals or other financial transactions.

3. Wide selection of financial services

Not much different from the app. mobile banking BRImo, on the other hand, offers a range of financial services that customers can access online. In addition, the service can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to go to an ATM or BRI office to do it.

Customers can check balances, transfer accounts, transfer money, pay bills and more. Using BRImo, everything is easily accessible as long as there is an internet connection and the BRImo app installed. smart phone

4. Registration is enough through HP.

Another advantage of BRImo is that registration is very easy. and can be done easily through a mobile phone connected to the Internet There are not many registration requirements. You just need an ID card. active mobile phone number active email and BRI account number

That’s how to register for BRImo on HP along with the requirements required to register an account. I hope this helps!


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