There are several savings methods for housewives that can be done to make them more economical and can be used for more important needs. In addition, the prices of materials and basic needs have increased.

It is not uncommon for housewives to find difficulties in financial management because they are adjusted according to their needs. budget which exists, but how, Managing finances after marriage It did. To overcome this You can try this method to make your monthly payments more efficient.

1. Set a budget

The first step in starting saving money is to set a budget for incoming and outgoing expenses by keeping track of all the grocery items that are usually purchased. Starting from the needs of the kitchen, bathroom, children’s needs and so on.

If you shop often Of course, you already know the price of every item purchased. So from there it will be easy to set a spending budget. After that, you’ll know your remaining earnings minus previous expenses.

Before buying, must also record the items to be purchased. to prevent sudden consumption behavior If there are many unexpected expenditures and causing the money to run out quickly

After you’ve bought something Save the receipt to confirm the cost when shopping. Prioritize groceries for basic needs at home. This method is necessary for you as a housewife.

2. Group expenses

Instead of having to carry a lot of money in your pocket, it is better to have enough money according to your shopping budget. as a housewife Usually, the urge to buy other things becomes more and more unbearable, especially as you carry more money.

to solve the problem You can group your money into several parts based on how much you will spend on essentials. For example, you budgeted for the kitchen at INR 200,000 and the bathroom needed INR 100,000, so put the money in an envelope or bag. other satang

Do this for other expenses. to make it easier Write the location where the money is stored according to usage. So when you go shopping You have to take it with you. simple no?

3. Use cash

In fact, it is not wrong to use an ATM card. But if you use too much, it’s called waste. It is also used to purchase non-essential items for family needs.

Because there are many mothers whose goal is only to buy the essentials in the kitchen. Turns out that when they got home They also bought other things and were not included in the necessities. Make payment for shopping by cash only.

For example, when shopping for basic necessities at the supermarket. Use enough money from the ATM to match your budget and purchases. Even if it’s really necessary, just use the money to buy essential things in 1 month in an envelope according to the budget.

4. Live your life your way.

From the experience of many people who only live in the hundreds and wonder why at the end of the month there is no money left at all. The answer is that they spend more than they earn.

As a financially savvy housewife wouldn’t do this. Try to spend less than your income or salary. when you set a budget Make sure you can set aside money for savings.

If you can’t You must seriously consider cutting expenses or increasing income. Consider saving automatically or using it for retirement instead of spending.

5. Cook and eat at home

Buying wholesome food is good. But the price is also more expensive. Almost anything can be done at home for less money and is usually better for you and your family. Freezing is a great way to stock up on convenience foods without blowing your budget.

Eating out is a quick way to blow off a big budget. Especially if you have a growing family like 5-year-olds. Granted, this is a hard habit to break. But try to plan the menu and keep snacks at home. so that you get used to not buying snacks outside

although difficult for some But reducing the cost of grocery shopping is also possible. You can also feed your family with healthy and delicious food. This is another attempt to maintain health and not get sick easily.

6. Buy second-hand items

It cannot be denied that things It needs to be replaced little by little, for example, baby clothes that grow up are no longer usable because they are cramped. Therefore, you need to learn some secrets in order not to waste your money on it.

Used goods are suitable as replacements where possible. This is done to save more money and spend less money. Especially children’s clothing is second-hand goods that are worth buying.

There are many second-hand clothing sellers who have items that are still in good condition and even new and have never been used. Sometimes they sell it because it’s the wrong size or doesn’t match the model of the dress they bought.

7. Savings routine

After setting a budget of income and expenses according to your needs. You need to set aside money so that you can save. In fact, after earning each month, the first thing is to set aside your savings.

refer to website Busy Mom, Talented Mom, make a budget so as not to spend sparingly and have little to spare. Cultivating the habit of saving is a good thing and a role model for all members of the family. or it may be in the way Investment suitable for housewives.

The best way to have more money besides saving money is to reduce the cost of living in luxury. Use the principle of frugal living by refraining from unnecessary spending.

8. Save money for a clear orientation.

After completing the above methods, the final step is to set priorities for long-term savings. We never know what will happen in the future. Therefore, having everything prepared is the best plan.

For example, you want to save for your child’s education to attend university, or you want to renovate your home. with clear goals and directions You’ll be motivated to save more.

In addition, setting savings goals and guiding them will help you figure out the range of expenses that will be incurred to meet these goals. For your child’s education, registration, research and monthly tuition fees. While improving the house you must explore desired product


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