Who here is a WinPoin reader who uses Linux Mint?, if there is a glimpse, let’s discuss about this OS first, because apart from a Windows user, I am also an active Linux user.

Now regarding Linux Mint, did you know that in the official announcement of the month October 2022 Today, there are a number of new features and changes introduced to Linux Mint, including support flatpack to Update Manager, Visual Changes and the most important thing we will discuss this time is Cinnamon corner bar which now presents show the desktop which is similar to the one on Windows.

Well, you can see these changes in the picture above, where Cinnamon desktop environmentin the area corner bar there will be an option Show the desktop which when clicked will display the user’s Desktop. If you are already familiar with the Windows OS, you should be familiar with this kind of feature, because it has been a long time since a similar feature existed in the Windows OS.

This feature is actually important and not important, and there may be quite a lot of users who are rarely aware of and even use this feature, even on the Windows OS itself, but of course there are features that we can easily access in the area. corner barwe can close the window that we open and go directly to the desktop quickly.

But friends, unfortunately there is no official news when this feature will be presented, will it be present in the Linux Mint routine update?, or will it be presented in the next Mint version?, while the details of the release of this feature are still gray and unclear, but hopefully just this feature so released.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Linux Mint Blog


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