If you’re using the latest Microsoft PowerToys, you’ve probably noticed that inside context menuthere will appear two additional options include Image Resizer and Power Rename, and if you often use these two features, of course it’s not a problem, but here because I prefer the look context menu minimalist, it’s better if we just hide the option PowerRename the.

Note: For options Image Resizer unfortunately at this time we can not remove it.

The following WinPoin summarizes the short steps to hide PowerRename from the Windows 11 Context Menu.

Step 1. First, please open Microsoft PowerToys then click on the section Power Rename.

Step 2. Next, please check option Hide icon in context menu and make sure Options Show PowerRename in also in position Extended context menus.

So next, please check what the options are PowerRename has disappeared, if so then the steps have been successful, but if not, this is probably because the PowerToys are still in the Preview version and there are still bugs that need to be fixed.

So please try it guys, good luck and hopefully useful.


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