Can’t believe it, today we’re back to the weekend and as usual, if we’re back on the weekend, then it’s time for you to get premium apps, games, and customizations for free!

So, no need to linger, for those of you who are curious and looking forward to this article, here is a list of game applications, as well as customization “Freemium” which you can get for free this weekend:


  1. Learn Chinese Mandarin Pro
  2. Learn Korean Pro – Phrasebook
  3. Digital Dashboard GPS Pro


  1. MathLand Full Version: Mental Math Games for kids
  2. Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game
  3. JETZ – Definitive Edition


  1. Hexanet White – Icon Pack
  2. Diamond – Icon Pack
  3. Cuticon Hexa – Icon Pack

You need to know that these freemium applications, games, and customizations have a time limit, some are only a few hours away and some are still a few days away.

So, if in the list above there is an application that catches your attention, download it immediately while it’s still free and have a nice weekend guys! ️

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