Generally, when the camera / webcam is turned on, the camera device will light up indicating that there is activity using the device, but sometimes some types of cameras don’t include this, and of course if you have enough aware with privacy issues and fear that someone is lurking from the camera, in Windows 11 you can actually activate the Camera Indicator.

Now more or less it looks like in the picture above, where when there is activity using the camera, Windows 11 will display the Camera on indicator.

If you’re curious about how to activate the camera indicator in Windows 11, here’s WinPoin, which summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First, please open the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Then please enter directory following:


Then on the part NoPhysicalCameraLED which I marked above, please you double click and change Value from 0 Becomes 1.

Step 3. Click OK and Restart your Windows 11, and it’s done, now every time there is activity using the camera, there will be an indicator indicating the activity of the device is running.

Please try guys, hopefully useful.

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