Some time ago WinPoin reported that Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows Insider Dev Channel for Windows 11, where the build that is presented is version 25136 which is certainly quite interesting for us to try, why? because in it there are lots of new features that are presented, including Tabs in File Explorer that we can activate using ViveTool and of course there are a number of additional interesting additional features.

Well because sometimes I also want the ISO version of the Windows Insider without having to login to my Insider account, because usually Microsoft releases the official ISO sometimes not as fast as other platforms, such as UUP Dump for example.

WinPoin himself has written an article about UUPDump – Download and Create Windows 10 ISOs Easier which is certainly interesting for you to read in full. So, in this regard, why don’t we just try to download Windows 11 Insider Build 25136 from UUP Dump? here are the steps.

Step 1. First, please enter the site https://uupdump.net/

Next, please click on the architecture of Latest Dev Channel Build you can choose amd64 or arm64, here I will choose only amd64 for the 64 bit version.

Step 2. Next, please select the language, then the version of Windows 11 that you will use, for example Home or Pro or all of them.

Click Next, then next we will be faced with options as shown in the following image.

Here I will just create an ISO file without any additions, if you want something similar, please adjust it with the options I used in the image above, when it’s finished, click Create download package.

A file measuring about 4 MB has been downloaded and then we can extract and open the file according to the OS version that we are using, here I am using Windows which means I will open a file named uup_download_windows.

Once opened, the download process and the creation of the ISO file will start immediately, then you just have to wait for this process.

After the process is complete, the ISO file will automatically be present in the folder where uup_download_windows where it is located, then you can use it to do a clean install or upgrade Windows 11.

So how easy isn’t it? please try guys.


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