At the Build 2023 Event held last May, Microsoft introduced an improvement that will be presented in the Microsoft Store, called AI Hub, this is part of the Microsoft Store that focuses on programs that use various AI-powered features.

Time passed, and now Rudy Huyn who served as Lead Architect of Microsoft Store revealed on account his Twitterwhere users of the Windows Insider Dev Channel can already download and update the Microsoft Store and will find the AI ​​Hub there.

As shown above, this AI Hub section will be available sidebar Microsoft Store, where in this section there will be many applications that use AI technology in it.

Interesting isn’t it?, but also note that AI Hub is currently only available in the United States region, so if you haven’t changed the Region on your Windows 11, then you probably haven’t gotten this improvement yet.

Meanwhile, the AI ​​Hub in the Microsoft Store itself will collect all Windows applications and deliver highlights of their ability to use banners And videosbesides that there’s also a section for the latest AI-powered apps and Microsoft Edge ads.

AI Hub is currently only available in Microsoft Store Preview version 22306.1401.1.0, if you don’t find this AI Hub section, make sure you have updated your Microsoft Store application and also make sure that you are using the US Region.

Via: Rudy Huyn (Twitter)


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