I think I want to discuss an application that I see very often, especially for users who have been using the Windows operating system for a long time. Well the application that I will discuss myself is called batterybars, and generally, this application will display battery indicator in section Taskbar it’s just bigger and better than the default Windows itself.

Well, it looks more or less like in the picture above, and I’m very sure, at least once you’ve seen a display like that, whether on Youtube, your friend’s device, or wherever it is.

Let’s discuss further.

Main feature

Battery Bar as I said before has a feature to display information on the condition of the battery that we use, starting from battery indicator, battery percentage, even up to battery wear.

In other words, this application is also very suitable to see the condition and health of the battery that we have.

Pro Version, Is It Worth It?

If you want more complete features with more customization support advanced then you can buy a Battery Bar Pro license, where there are three additional features that we will get, namely low battery notification support, support for customization up to 20 option battery bars, and support for changing the theme and appearance of the battery bar.

To add a number of these features, we have to spend $ 4 USD, or around Rp. 57721, including cheap, because we will get a license lifetime or lifetime.

Is it wort?, judging from the price and license time limit, of course it’s worth it, but i don’t intend to buy a pro license because even with the Free version itself, we already have what we need.

Getting rid of Windows 10’s Default Battery Bar

Because I’m currently using the Battery bar on Windows 10, I wrote this step specifically for Windows 10 users.

Now because with the Battery bar, the Taskbar section feels less aesthetic if there are two Battery icons there, and in my opinion the icon battery bar more interesting, as well as the default features it brings, so with that it’s a good idea to let’s remove / hide it battery bar default Windows 10, and here are the steps.

Step 1. First open Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Turn system icon on or off.

Step 2. Next in the section Turn system icon on or off, please deactivate the option Power.

And done, now there is no more duplication between the Battery icon on the Taskbar.

Benefits of Using Battery Bar

The benefits themselves are actually quite a lot, starting from us being able to get a view battery indicator which is better because percentage battery appears by default, we can also see the condition of the power and even the condition of the battery that we have.

As in the picture above, it can be seen that the Battery Wear for my device is 42.2% in other words, the Battery Health of my device is only about 57.8% left. This information is certainly very useful, especially if you intend to buy a laptop second handbecause battery bar we can make an application battery diagnostic simple.


Battery Bar is indeed a simple application, even since the first appearance itself has not changed much, however, this application cannot be underestimated, because apart from being able to display battery percentagein the Battery Bar, contains some important information about the condition of the device and the battery itself.

Overall, I really like this application, do you too? comment below guys. So this short review, hopefully useful.

Download Battery bar here.


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