As explained in the article How to make multiple bootable OS installations in one flash drive with VentoyVentoy is now one of my favorite applications, because with Ventoy, we can create many Bootable OS installations in one Flashdrive.

Now regarding Ventoy, some time ago it was reported that there was a bug that caused boot failure when creating a Bootable OS Linux and a number of other OS including Windows, and the good news is, version 1.0.75 has been released and a fix for the bug has been presented.

In addition to Boot Failure repairs, there are many other improvements that certainly improve the quality of the Ventoy Open Source application itself, and these improvements include:

  1. Update Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk v3-2
  2. By default use memdisk mode when booting iKuai OS.
  3. Fix the bug when booting linx iso (#1600)
  4. Fix a bug when booting latest Alpine linux.
  5. Fix a bug when booting easyos 3.4.3+
  6. Fix a bug when booting ATLAS Windows ISO.
  7. Fix a bug when UEFI boot KaOS-2022.04-x86_64.iso.
  8. Fix the bug when booting ALT Linux in UEFI mode. (#1645)
  9. Support programs loading for DLC Boot PE. (#1647)
  10. Fix a bug in menu tip plugin webpage of VentoyPlugson. (#1602)
  11. Fix a bug when booting RHEL/CentOS/Fedora with LVM device in the computer.
  12. Fix a bug when booting in F2 browser mode if the computer has more than one disks with the same size.
  13. Update languages.json
  14. New ISO support (880+ in total)

Now, as in the changelog above, it can be seen that the latest Ventoy supports more than 880 different ISO files.

If you are a Ventoy user like me, it’s a good idea to update your Ventoy version to this latest version. To download it, you can just go to the GitHub page following.


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