Edge Bar, one of the new features presented in Microsoft Edge Chromium, where this feature is a feature that will stick on the Desktop and display certain websites for you to access in such a way.

Now we can modify the Edge bar itself to add quick access to additional sites that we want to include, and here WinPoin summarizes the short steps for Adding Quick Access Specific Sites in the Edge Bar.

Step 1. Make sure you have activated the Edge bar feature first, in Microsoft Edge Chromium, please go to Settings > Edge bar > activate Automatically open Edge bar when the computer starts and click Open Edgebar.

Step 2. After the Edge bar opens, please click the + (add) sign on the side of the Edge bar.

Then please enter the URL and Name of the Site you want to add, for example as in the following image.

Then click Add, and done, a new site has been added.

For the logo of the site will automatically change according to the Favicon of the site’s configuration, just make sure when it’s finished, you open the site in the Edge bar.

Well, please try guys, hopefully it’s useful.


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