Last year, Microsoft introduced a tool that will be very useful for developers, where with this tool, users can do many things, such as Hash Generator, UUID Generator, Json Formater, JWT Decoder, PNG / JPEG Compressor, and many more.

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Now with the release of the latest version, there are quite interesting improvements for DevToys, where an Image Encoder/Decoder for Base64 has now been added, besides that there are also a number of fixes and improvements including:

  • Added “Now” button to bring the timestamp to the current date and time.
  • Added “One Tab” indentation for SQL formatting
  • Some file types are now opened in file dialogs.
  • Fixed: command palette has transparent background color
  • Fixed: checksum/hash generator not accepting empty file/input
  • Corrected: Title was hidden under the header.

Now with this upgrade, it will certainly add a new flavor to the DevToys app, and what do you think? Have you ever tried this app? if not, you can just download DevToys on the following GitHub page: github.com/DevToys/releases

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