Bing Chat now seems to have started to slowly be introduced by Microsoft in their various products and services, after previously Bing Chat was also present in Microsoft Skype and Edge, incl Office Copilot.

And what’s interesting, guys, is that Bing Chat will also be presented for the SwiftKey application on Android, because it’s in version Latest betas according to Pedram Rezaei Microsoft’s Mobile and Commerce Division CTO, this version allows users to directly chat with Bing Chat.

Now, as shown in the picture above, besides we can search with Bing, we can also have conversations with Bing Chat directly, which of course with this feature Bing Chat users will find it easier to access the new Chatbot service.

Meanwhile, unfortunately there is no information whether this feature will be present on iOS, but will you like this feature? and are you also a Swift Keyboard user? comment below guys.

via: Neowin


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