Microsoft Word is one of the common Office applications that we often encounter, now besides being able to type a lot of work and save it in standard Word form (docx), Microsoft Word also has the ability to save files in PDF form, and we can even encode PDF files. that already exists to protect the documents in it.

If you happen to want to create a PDF file that you already have a password for, then you’ve come to the right article, guys, here is a short summary of WinPoin’s steps for creating an encrypted PDF file using Microsoft Word (here I’m using Microsoft Word 2019, you can use any version of 2016 too).

Step 1. First, please open your Microsoft Word, then open the PDF file that you have.

Step 2. Then click File and re-select options Openthen please select the PDF file that you want to enter the password in.

Automatically, Microsoft Word will give you the option to convert the PDF file to Docx format first, please just click OK if you get the message (exactly like in the picture above).

Step 3. After that, if you want to edit the PDF file, this is the right step guys, because you can edit the contents of the PDF file before saving it back in encrypted PDF form.

Next, to give a password to the PDF file, please click File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document.

After you click on the option Create PDF/XPS, before click Publish, click Options first, and make sure you activate the checklist Encrypt the document with a password.

Then please enter the password you want, click OK and click Publish.

After the PDF file is saved, now every time it is opened, the file will ask for a password before the entire contents of the file are visible.

So how easy is it, isn’t it?, generally this step is simple, first Edit PDF files by converting it to Docx > then saving the file to PDF again by giving it a password.

You can also skip steps open PDF files, and create it from scratch, so in other words you actually make your document a PDF from scratch.

Please try guys, and I hope this article is useful. Thank you


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