After staying at 10% for quite a long time, now Microsoft Edge Chromium is reported to have penetrated the 11% browser marketplace worldwide. This data is as usual published by Statcounter from data per month November 2022 yesterday.

In fact, according to Statcounter, Microsoft Edge has passed the 11% mark for the first time since its introduction (including the OG “Spartan” Microsoft Edge from 2015). Time flies and this modern Chromium-based Edge has now earned an additional 0.31 points, achieving a market share of 11.17%. Where for reference, one year ago, Microsoft Edge was at around 9.52% (an increase of 1.65 from last year).

Meanwhile, Google Chrome is still at the top, and still firmly occupies the first position with 66.13% market share.

So even though there has been an increase, unfortunately there are still quite a lot of users who stick to their favorite browsers including Google Chrome, and as reported by a number of forums including Reddit, Facebook and several other forums, one of the possible reasons why users are reluctant to switch to Microsoft Edge is the many features which will not be used in the browser.

So what do you think? comment below guys. Will Microsoft Edge get the first position in this browser marketplace? comment below guys.

via: StatCounter


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