Once again Microsoft added new capabilities in Microsoft Edge and even though a lot of users say this browser is too much bloatedMicrosoft seems not to care and continue to add their features.

Well this time in Microsoft Edge Canary as reported by users Leopeva64-2 on Reddit, Microsoft added a feature Photo Editing which is very similar to the features in Microsoft Photos.

Exactly like in the picture above, this ability can be used by users to organize and edit photos such as arranging photos brightness, exposure, apply filters annotate, in Microsoft Edge which is basically a browser.

Well friends, this feature itself, can be found in the section panel settings & more > Edit Image, as in the following image.

So what do you think? Unfortunately I haven’t got this feature, have you? Honestly, I don’t like this feature because this is a guys browser, not a photo editor, but of course your opinion may be different, so comment below guys.

Via : Leopeva64-2 (Reddit), Neowin


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