Recently, Microsoft has released a blog posts which detailed a number of features that were popular and requested by users, one of which was highlighted was a request regarding changes to the OneNote interface that is more consistent with the appearance vertical tabs on all operating systems.

Regarding the vertical tab, even though Microsoft doesn’t plan to get rid of the display horizontal tabs they want to add an option to switch to the vertical tab version to suit the user, and it looks more or less like the following image:

For setting the appearance of this tab, users will be able to find it under the tab View > Tab Layouts.

However, keep in mind that this feature is still a long way from being presented, where Microsoft plans to release this feature to all users in early 2023.

Well and if you remember that There are Two OneNote in the Microsoft Storethis feature was specifically released for OneNote for Windows and not OneNote for Windows 10.

For those of you who haven’t tried OneNote for Windows, you can download it via the following link onenote.com/download.

What do you think about this new feature? comment below guys. Do you like it? or not?

via: Microsoft


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