Do you like giving idiosyncratic and rude comments on Youtube?, if so, maybe you should end it immediately guys, because recently, Youtube in order to improve the commenting experience on its platform, they will give a warning to users who leave inappropriate comments according to Community Guidelines they.

Now along with the warning, comments may be automatically deleted by the Youtube platform, according to Google, by enforcing this, Google believes that this will prevent users from posting negative comments and reduce abusive comments on their platform, and if this is the case, users continue to make comments that are not appropriate, the ability to comment on such accounts may be withheld for 24 hours or a specified time limit may apply.

You can read information about this directly on the Google page followingand Community Guildlines which you can read on the page following.

However, the enforcement of this warning and removal is currently only available if the offender provides an English-only comment, and Google plans to bring it to more languages ​​in the coming months, including Indonesian.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

via: Google

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