As we know, although Windows 11 is relatively new and more modern than Windows 10, unfortunately in terms of performance Windows 10 is still much better than Windows 11, especially when Windows 11 was first released.

Now about this, back in November 2021, Microsoft promised that Windows 11 would be faster than before, and it seems that this is not just a word, because based on the latest testing by Puget Systems system builderthe test shows that Windows 11 is now indeed faster than before even though it is still not able to compete with Windows 10.

In tests conducted by Matt Bach, Senior Labs technician at Puget Systems, Premiere Pro runs faster on Windows 10 even by a slim comparison, while V-Ray CUDA Mode is 20% faster on Windows 11, and due to a bug in Unreal Engine affecting Windows 10 and Intel Alder Lake-S i9-12900K, Unreal Engine runs better on Windows 11.

You can see about this test on page Puget system following.

But in general, even though Windows 11 is getting an improvement, unfortunately it still can’t compete with Windows 10 in terms of performance.

Even if Microsoft itself says that Windows 11 is designed for newer and more modern devices. So do you feel Windows 11 is slower than Windows 10? comment below guys.

Via : Puget System, Neowin


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