As we already know, yesterday June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer is Officially Dead and has been officially abandoned by Microsoft because it has reached end of support or end of support, well with that after IE11 reaches the end of its support, Microsoft will stop the browser in two phases. The former will redirect the user to Microsoft Edge whenever the user tries to open IE11 either directly or indirectly. Then Phase two, which will start immediately after phase multi-month phase ends where Microsoft will disable IE11 completely. However, IE11 will not be removed as it still provides an IE mode running MSHTML/Trident Engine in Edge on Windows 10 devices.

Same is the case with Windows 11, where Internet Explorer can no longer be used, at least that’s based on Microsoft’s announcement. But recently there was an interesting piece of information that I read, reported by a Twitter user @tomwarrenit turns out that Internet Explorer can still be used on Windows 11.

Now as in the video above, Internet Explorer users can still open and use it in a special way, namely through Internet Options > Programs > Manage Add ons > Learn more about toolbars and extensions.

As soon as the user clicks Learn more about toolbars and extensions, Internet Explorer will open and the user can access a number of webs there, it’s just that Web support may not be as much as it used to be because it will be directly redirected to Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Now it’s still not clear why this can happen and Internet Explorer is still available in Windows 11, considering that the old browser has reached end of support there was last June 15, 2022, and even in Windows 11 Dev build 25174 Even though Internet Explorer is still there and users can open it with the same method.

What do you think guys? comment below.

Via : Twitter @tomwarren

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