One of the shortcomings of Microsoft Edge that I and some of my WinPoin readers complain about is the size of the Menu and Context Menu of Microsoft Edge which is very large when compared to other chromium browsers.

Even though it doesn’t affect the function, because it’s too big, it doesn’t look simple, for touchscreen users it might be very fitting, but for desktop users, it just doesn’t feel right.

Regarding this, a few days ago, Microsoft released Feedback top for Microsoft Edge, one of which is a number of users complaining about the size of the Context Menu / Menu in Microsoft Edge.

We hear that both the right-click context and the … menus are too long, too wide, and don’t offer any ways to customize. You may have seen some ways we are trying to address these pain points in our Canary channel.

In accordance with the description noted above, maybe in the future the Context Menu in Microsoft Edge will be simplified, and made as minimal as possible, but because this is still an initial plan, there is still no idea of ​​what this display will look like in the future.

However, based on information from Microsoft, of course, Microsoft Edge Canary users who will definitely get this update first will then provide feedback again to Microsoft.

So what do you think about this? would you like it? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft

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