Last week, Microsoft released Windows 11 Insiders Build 25197 in which there are a number of new features that are presented in it, including the Spotlight UI feature that you can activate with ViveTool.

Now about Windows 11 Insiders Build 25197yesterday Microsoft released the Official ISO file which with this ISO file, you can clean install Windows 11 Insider Build 25197 directly from the beginning.

For those of you who are curious about what changelogs are in Windows 11 Insider Build 25197, you can just check the article following. Go ahead, if you are interested in downloading the Official Windows 11 Insider Build 25197 ISO file on the Microsoft page following.

Next, as in the picture above, you can select Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel Build 25197 and then you can choose the language you will use and you will be immediately directed to the ISO file download menu which you can then use to clean install or perform an installation. Windows 11 place upgrades.

So, are you interested in downloading this ISO file? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft


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