Recently there are interesting things that I saw on Microsoft Edge Chromium, both Stable, Beta, Dev and even Canary versions, where when we try to download Google Chrome, both on the Bing front page, and on the Google Chrome download page, Microsoft seems to be promoting Microsoft Edge Chromium however looks very hopeless.

Now as in the picture above, it appears on the Bing page, Microsoft explains “There’s no need to download a new web browser” by recommending the claimed Microsoft Edge Chromium fast, secure, and can save time and money.

Now, let’s talk a little about the intended time saving, this is because Microsoft Edge has features efficiency mode change sleep tabs, and others, while saving money, it’s because of the coupon feature built into Microsoft Edge.

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Now then, on the Google Chrome Download page, more precisely at the url https://www.google.com/chrome, Microsoft is again promoting Microsoft Edge but with even more desperate words, “Microsoft Edge run on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft”.

Exactly as in the picture above, complete with the button browse securely now which when clicked will immediately close the https://www.google.com/chrome page and will be redirected to the https://microsoftedgewelcome.microsoft.com/en-us/get-started page.

Even though based on the latest Statcounter report, Microsoft Edge has almost reached 11% browser market share, but after all this browser is still less popular than Google Chrome, why? because quite a lot of users don’t like it and tend to be forced to use the browser that is present by default in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

In addition, quite a number of users have switched to other chromium browsers because the Microsoft Edge browser is increasingly full of features that are just too bloated and useless.

With this seemingly desperate promotion, Microsoft may want users to stick with Microsoft Edge instead of downloading and using a rival browser from Google, but again, the final decision rests with the user, however Microsoft laments, if the user doesn’t like it and the user has a choice. , then Microsoft Edge is a browser that is only used to download Google Chrome.

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